Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I totally forgot!

I took some time off since my last post to concentrate on a project for a high school friend of mine and I totally forgot to post the super cool award that was given to me from my friend Dee! She called me the 'background queen' Hee hee hee! I think that she is just so awesome for thinking of me and honoring me with this award! It really makes my day to know that someone notices my hard work that I put into my cards. I guess there are some rules for this award... let me post what Dee put on her blog about it!

This award is given to blogs that inspire you, make you smile or laugh, give you great information, are a good read, have a wonderful design or for any reason that you think makes them "Uber-Amazing"!! So, share the love with the bloggers you love!

Of course, there are rules!
-Add the logo to your side bar or post
-Nominate 5 blogs that you think are "Uber-Amazing"
-Remember to link the person who gave you this award

So here is whom I would like to nominate....They may be the same blogs that Dee nominated but I try to frequent them daily AND they're my gurlz!!! LOVE THEM..
~ Heather
~ Callie
~ Lizzie
~ Jacilynn
~ Theresa
and if I could add more than 5....
~ Dee ~ right back atcha sweetie
~ Heather - toothy
Because if it wasnt for all of you...I would be sad, thank you all for being a part of my cardmakin life!


  1. awww aren't you the sweetest!

  2. Thanks for the nice words, you are so sweet. I just love all of your hand drawn backgrounds are your cards, they are so pretty

  3. Hey THanks for thinking of me! I agree, it's a pick me up to have someone think of you, so Thanks, you're the best!