Sunday, February 22, 2009

Remember this card?

I made this card for a challenge over at Cafemom and decided that I would send it to my best friend in Seattle. It reminds me so much of her. Well, I woke up this morning and checked my Facebook and she had posted this picture! Brought tears to my eyes! What an awesome thing to see first thing in the morning! Love and miss you Star!!!!

this is what she had to say about it.....
Anna this is how special I found your card!
I framed it! Thank you again doll face!
Big squeezy hug!


  1. very cute card! I think they are even more beautiful when they have a meaning from the heart. Good blog as well, keep up the great work!

  2. You are TALENTED!!!! I had no clue you had a blog or made these sweet cards! I am adding you to my blog list I hope you don't care. I am so much more a fan of blogs then I am myspace. Keep in touch girl! I miss talking to ya!!!!