Sunday, February 22, 2009

Backgrounds, backgrounds, backgrounds....

It seems that whenever I have a stamped image, I just cant seem to leave it as is. It just looks so boring to me so I create my own backgrounds. I wanted to share some of my favorite ones I have done.
The last one I did today for a challenge on Cafemom. The little critter looked so lonely so I had to put something behind him. Usually when I do a Bella image I just cant get myself to leave it blank. The cafe one was for a challenge on Cafemom as well (you will have to forgive me that I dont know the actual names for the bellas as they were all given to me from some of my fellow card makers). I just couldnt have the girls not sit in a cafe! The fisherfella background was inspired by a very old friend of mine. He had posted a picture on facebook that I just had to use! Thanks Sean! The beerafella...well, he just had to be on the beach! And of course the below hippiebella (again i apologize for not knowing her correct name), well, she just needed a field of daisies!

1 comment:

  1. I KOVE your backgrounds! Esp the coffee one... you know I have a thing for all things coffee!!! Lol!!! and the plant is fantastic! What great cards! I really think that the bgs added so much to your cards and make them feel real. Great stuff!!!