Friday, September 11, 2009

Ode to Our Firemen

Have you ever wondered what happened to some of your friends you've lost contact with from high school? I have, quite a few to be honest. I had joined Facebook about a year ago and reconnected with a lot of those people. One person that I have 'found' really stood out for me and I must say that I was really bummed when he didnt show up to our recent 20 year reunion. This person was always nice and sweet to me thru my school years. I am thrilled to say that this person has not changed a bit.... still sarcastic as ever! He is now a Lieutenant for the Corvallis, Oregon Fire Department, Lt. Shawn Morgan. I am so dang proud of him for all that he does and dangers he faces every day to keep the community safe. I am also extremely proud to call him my friend. Shawn, I dedicate this card to you and I want to thank you for everything you do to make this world a better place.

On this card I used a Dustin Pike Freebie Image. I tried to customize the outfit to match that of which Shawn wears, complete with the reflective yellow stripes. I hand drew the fire truck in the background and colored everything with my Bic Markers, Gel pens and Crayola colored pencils. I put some Glossy Accents glaze over the trucks windows to give it more of a windowy feel. I added some lettering on the truck as well as the fire hat to make the dragon feel more like Shawn. Lastly, I found a site filled with quotes for firefighters. I chose 'Ode to our Firemen' by Frederic G.W. Fenn.


  1. ADORABLE!!! I love that image! Great truck too :). I know he will appreciate the time you took to make it / dedicate it to him

  2. I love that you used this fireman for a 9/11 card. Gorgeous sentiment!
    Thanks for all the sweet comments on my blog. YOu are too cute! Good Luck at work!x