Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Some things turn out good when I procrastinate....

well, I wasnt trying to procrastinate, thats just how it happened. The past 3 - 4 weeks were completely mojo-less. First I was without my computer for about a week and my 22 month old was sick which turned into a bout with pinkeye. Then I was ever so graced with that pinky lil bug. Im just now getting over the sickies but dang, I was hatin it for about 3 weeks. Had absolutely no craftiness in me what-so-ever!
I had a gal order a fathers day card from me last month some time. She requested something with a kitchen remodel theme. Sure,I told her but had absolutely NO idea what I was going to do. I was given Fixafella and the bella oven in a RAK so I knew that they had to be incorporated into the card somehow. I drew a fridge and made sure that it was stocked full of beverages. I drew in some cupboards and drawers and added the beerafella to the inside. Kind of a transition type of thing... you know, remodel a done...have a beer or five. :) The card above is what I came up with. Turned out rather well with the idea hittin me at the last possible minute.


  1. awww WOW this is AWESOME Anna!!!! I love it!! :) how are you?

  2. These cards are fantastic Anna!!! Really great! I love the brads / screws in the corners!!!