Sunday, May 24, 2009

Craziness and some excitment...

The past 5 days have been filled with fun! My son whom is 21 months has been sick. I broke down today and took him to urgent care to find out what was wrong and get him some meds. He as well as my girls have been keeping me busy!
My friend Jacilynn had sent me a super cool award a few weeks ago and I just havent had the opportunity to properly accept it and thank her for it! It really made my day when I finally had noticed that she sent it to me. Jacilynn ~ Thank you so much for this lovely award. You are a true friend that someday I hope to meet in person. Thank you for the time you put aside to come and visit and comment on my blog. You are too sweet. I would love to pass it on but with sicko in my arms 24/7, I will have to do it another day.

Also, I need to share my latest excitement. I had entered this card over at one of Digi Shacks contests/challenges. It actually won! How freakin awesome is that! My prize is all the images that they have up to date!!! I believe that is 43 images in all. WOOT! WOOT!!!! I had so much fun making this card and did get a lot of compliments on it. Im so very glad that some of my hard work has paid off. Im trying to patiently wait for the images to arrive so I can play and create! Thank you so much Digi Shack!!!!!


  1. Sorry to hear that your son is sick. Congrats on the blog award and for winning all of those images at the Digi Shack. You totally deserve it (uh the winning part, not to have your sone be sick, nobody deserves that).

  2. We're totally gonna have to meet in person. I'm sure we'd have a super fun time.

    I didn't know you won TDS contest. You rock! That's soo cool. I knew you'd win cause your cards are so freaking sweet!
    Big Hugs,

  3. Ya, I was checking emails late last night. Since we were BBQing all day. I haven't done a Tilda card in over a month. Can you believe that? And I have TONS of them. poor neglected stamps. I'm gonna have to stamp some more for you. I'm swapping with another gal and I'll stamp some for you too. Atleast you're coloring these beauties
    Is you son feeling betta? I know it's so exhausting when they are sick. Hope you have a good day!

  4. Hope your internet issues work out! I'm missing your crazy awesome cards! Glad you got the images. I know you'll put em to good use.