Saturday, March 14, 2009

just a few...

Ive made just a few cards the past couple of days. My Mother in law came to visit so I wasnt able to be as crafty as I wanted. I did, however, go to Michaels to use the $25 gift card my sister gave me for my birthday. I was a little bummed that the whole stamping aisle was empty due to new stock that was sitting in their warehouse patiently waiting to be displayed. I myself was not that patient! I had a gift card burning a hole in my pocket! My MIL dropped me off and took my girls to a different store so that I could shop by my lonesome. Honestly they really didnt have much to chose from. I did pick up 4 pads of some super cool handmade paper by Provo Craft that was on clearance. Here are a few cards I created with that paper. The cards with the triangle pieces was from a sketch on Friday Sketchers that my addicted to bellas group chose to use for a challenge. The green card I made a bit different, I wanted it to open different from the others. I still have yet to add the right sentiment in that one. I really enjoy using these papers!

I also wanted to share this sunflower card I made. I cut out each petal and added some paint dots to the center of the card.


  1. All of these cards are beautiful!!! And I am so glad you found those papers on clearance! I know that was a happy find. They are gorgeous!!! I also LOVE your sunflower card. it is so cheerful and so pretty!!!

  2. You've been busy. Great Job. I love em all!